22 Feb

When arranging transport of your vehicle with a broker there are some expectations on the vehicle pickup and delivery time.  There are delays, as brokers do not own or lease trucks and can arrange with a carrier available in the area.  The pricing structure is broken down, as the total amount paid, is a provided to the broker for their service fee and another portion paid to the carrier for transport.  Some of these rates are not negotiable to a carrier, as these rates can be lower than comparable rates accepted.

As a customer you're paying an additional fee to arrange with a broker and relying on the company to arrange transport with a certifiable carrier.  All carrier safety, licensing and insurance information is available to the public on FMCSA.DOT.GOV.  If a broker is delayed with arranging transport with a carrier, they will not offer to pay any additional fees or charges included at the auction or Copart.

If a broker insists they are a carrier, this information can be verified online with https://safer.fmcsa.dot.gov/ in the Company Snapshot or Licensing / Insurance Information.  Once the report has been opened the active authority will be provided.

Review the contract entirely prior to signing and confirm the total rate payable to the driver prior to pickup.  A company can not change the rate agreed upon on delivery.

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