13 Mar

Whether you've purchased a new vehicle, job relocation, moving, heading off to college, spending time at your summer home or transferring to a military base for active duty there are two options on moving your vehicle.

You can either drive your vehicle or arrange for auto transportation and below are the pros and cons for each option.

Driving your vehicle will include a plan to map your route, along with expenses for tolls, gas, food and lodging.  It would be suggested to prepare  your vehicle by scheduling an oil change along with a complete inspection of your fluids, tires and cleaning on the inside and outside of your vehicle.  Depending on the distance, the mileage will add to your odometer and wear / tear on your tires.

If your planning a road trip with your family, it would be a great experience spending time together.  Are you bringing personal items that will fit in your vehicle?  Do you have enough chargers for your electronic devices?  Will your family be comfortable during your trip?  Is your vehicle reliable to travel the distance?

If you decide to ship your vehicle, your only concern is the pickup and delivery date of your vehicle and the cost.  It would be a relief knowing you can just hand over the keys and let the carrier handle the rest on shipping your vehicle.    

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