20 Sep

Are you searching for really Cheap Car Shipping Companies right now? Think Shipping A Car should be 'Easy Peasy'? Is that why you typed "Cheap Car Shipping" into Google? And are you fed up with car shipping companies calling you all day - and now you're wondering if the auto transport lead process is a total scam?! Yes, this car shipping advice show is for you.  Ask yourself, "When it comes to choosing the best car shipping company, which one is more important: car shipping cost or car delivery timing?" Assume you can only pick one. This is auto transport. Not pizza delivery. Try to imagine all of the logistics involved in shipping a car. Don't be cheap. Cheap Car Shipping? Really? You're moving a car. Not a box of clothes. How do you like getting low-balled at your job? Be aware of how much auto transport time and car shipping service you expect. Trust your auto transport broker to give you honest and good car shipping company information. If you don't trust your auto transport broker, run! If you do trust your auto transport broker, listen to all of their car shipping instructions and actually do what they say. They know better than you do how auto transport works. It's much more complicated than punching in numbers on a car shipping calculator. News flash! Most brokers don't have any trucks. But they can help you find car shipping companies. Don't take "door-to-door" car shipping literally. Auto transport carriers are huge. Ignore words like "Promise" and "Guarantee". Hear that stupid word 3 times and dump whoever keeps lying to you. Stop pretending you control car shipping. That's silly. Don't go into this thinking you're the best car shipping company expert and that your smarter than everyone else. Because the person on the phone getting you to believe all of your own promises is winning on this deal. Beware of vague best car shipping company and car transport reviews. Anybody can write stuff and post it on the internet.Click on the following link to watch the live show.  Written By:  Jay Wertzberger @ Auto Transport Intel

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