08 Jan

#Car haulers are some of the most highly skilled and well-paid #drivers on the road. The reasons are simple: Each unit is typically valued in the low five figures and usually much more, and drivers need to do much more than simply #transport the commodity. Yet while car hauling isn’t experiencing the same tight supply as dry van, reefer or flatbed, the segment is not immune to the challenges facing all of trucking in recruiting new drivers and keeping the incumbents from jumping. What’s more, the high pay differential between car haulers and everyone else is no longer that high. “While our niche of the #trucking industry has grown with increased car sales, the freight rates and driver pay have remained relatively stagnant. The driver pay advantage once held by auto #transporter drivers has diminished,” Steve Hansen, executive vice president of Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, said in an article in Automotive Logistics. Hansen added that the “process and effort of loading and delivering new vehicles carries a high degree of risk and requires more work than simply driving a truck. Our drivers should be paid more for the increased time and effort and (the) rates needed to support it.”

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