12 Oct

There are auto transport companies who advertise cheap transport, but what does it mean and why is it cheap?  If you are looking online for a cheap transport company does this old saying you get what you paid for include cheap service or cheap auto insurance?  There is nothing wrong with receiving a discount rate or discount automotive transport service but what are you risking to receive these cheap discounted rates?  When shopping around for the best auto transport service there are questions you should ask prior to scheduling your next vehicle transport.

1.  Is your transport company a broker or carrier?  The difference in arranging auto transport service with a broker who is a third party company scheduling auto transport with a carrier or reserving an auto transport truck with a direct carrier. 

2.  Does your auto transport company have a motor carrier license and can you provide a certificate of insurance to show your insurance coverage?  All auto transport companies must be fully licensed and comply with the rules and regulations required by USDOT.  The certificate of insurance will provide the current insurance coverage in case your vehicle is damaged during the transportation of your vehicle.

3.  Why is the auto shipping quote significantly cheaper than another auto transport service?  If the auto shipping quote you received is much less than other car shipping companies than the rate is usually not valid.

4.  How long will the auto transport delivery take from date of pickup?  Some companies can accept cheap auto transport rates, but many drivers can delay or prolong the auto transport delivery date.

5.  Can I expect the same auto transport service?  If you schedule your cheap or discount auto transport can your expect the same level of service from  your auto transport company.  When you call customer service or the dispatch team will someone answer the phone or will you leave multiple messages and no response from the company until your vehicle has been delivered.

There can be some benefits to accepting cheap or discounted auto transport rates and request the above checklist for your vehicle transport.

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