22 Oct

Most people commute to work or home in a vehicle and not all can use mass transit.  When the demand for goods / services has increased throughout the years the congestion in New Jersey has gone up.  The space on the road is limited and the infrastructure is in need of upgrading and repairs which slows down the traffic.  Truckers are wasting time sitting in traffic and wasting money waiting.  

New Jersey accounted for 4.5 percent of the nationwide congestion costs of $74.5 billion, the report said. Texas had the highest costs in the nation with $6.4 billion. New York was fourth with $4.3 billion and Pennsylvania seventh with $2.9 billion.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute the top 10 states by congestion costs as follows in 2016.

RankStateCongestion Costs ($)
1 Texas6,370,989,505
2 Florida5,637,019,390
4 New York4,347,935,258
5 New Jersey3,350,935,426
6Illinois 2,903,204,725
10 North Carolina2,429,355,868
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