15 Dec

Driving while stressed and anxious can cause higher-aggression and higher risk for collision.  Stress interferes with logical thinking, and we can become a danger to ourselves and others.” Sy Cohen.  What conditions cause stress and anxiety will driving on the road?

1.  Construction 

2.  Traffic Delay

3.  Weather

4.  Distracted Driving

5.  Unfamiliar Area

Some conditions are unavoidable, but there are steps to prepare prior to driving. The local traffic sites will provide current construction projects / accidents or delays an alternative route can be mapped.

Check your local weather for current and forecast conditions.

Turn your phone off or change to vibrate.  Place the phone on a hands-free holder on the dash or cup holder.

Map your driving location and use a GPS for directions.

If you feel irritated or stress while driving, pull over and relax for ten minutes to collect your thoughts, improving your focus and performance when driving.

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