24 Oct

When celebrating Halloween we think of trick or treating, lots of candy and scary costumes, but we should also be aware of the number of children walking around our area.  These are important safety tips to prevent accidents on Halloween.

1.  Check your surrounding area of your vehicle prior to driving forward or reverse as children can be hard to see, moving slowly and honking the horn to alert people.

2.  Roll down your windows to listen for children, turn off your radio and devices to avoid distractions.

3.  Drive slow in your area as children may run across the street.

4.  Bring a flashlight or wear a glow stick for each person including your pet.

5.  Be sure to walk in the cross walk and look for vehicles in both directions.

6.  Do not run across the street and check the driveway before walking.

Be Safe and Have A Happy Halloween.

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