15 Mar

When a customer is searching online to request an auto transport quotes the response is overwhelming from different transport companies proving comparable rates?  Why are there different rates for the same request and if you've transported in the past why has the rate changed?

If you're arranging transport with a broker there is a service fee included in the rate and these fees can range from $100 and up.

The carrier rates are based on the vehicle year / make and model.  The mileage from pickup to delivery and whether the vehicle is in running condition.  The rate can fluctuate by season, if there is a demand for a location than the pricing would be higher.

If you are transporting your vehicle round trip, the rate varies each way, but if you ship multiple vehicles than the rate per vehicle is discounted.

All rates include expenses for tolls, fuel, and mileage.  Some rates may vary depending on the information provided by a customer.

For example, if a customer states a vehicle is running and the vehicle is non running, additional fees can apply.  If a customer includes luggage or personal items which can add weight to a vehicle, additional fees can apply.  There are guidelines carriers must follow, otherwise,  the carrier can be fined and placed out of service for not abiding by rules and regulations provided by USDOT (United States Department of Transportation).

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