18 Feb

A car hauler is a trained and licensed professional who drives a truck with a two to ten car trailer, picking up and delivering vehicles to and from a dealership, terminal, residence or auction.  Most car haulers will need a (CDL) Commercial Drivers License to drive a tractor trailer and either lease or own their truck.  The carriers are either leased to a company or independently own a business.

A CDL can be obtained at your local Department of  Motor Vehicles, after receiving training and a certificate from a tractor trailer school.  A truck can be purchased or leased and depending on your state requirements permits, registration, license plates, commercial drivers license and insurance are required to start the process of hauling vehicles.

A business license application can be requested through your county office, a business name will need to be provided.  The state requires a federal tax identification which can be submitted through your local IRS office or online. Verify with the Department of Transportation on the permits required, as the requirements vary based on the weight and size of your truck.

An application for a carrier license can be submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order obtain a Motor Carrier (MC) and United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) number.  When all of your permits and licensing have been approved, contact a Commercial Insurance Company to obtain a quote for insurance on your truck and trailer, the requirements can confirmed with FMCSA or the leased on carrier. 

A business checking / savings account is required to deposit checks or pay vendors.

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