13 Mar

Ready to transport your vehicle, but you're not sure which is the best car shipping company.  There are several questions and multiple transport carriers to chose from when searching online.  How do you know if the vehicle shippers are the reliable and is the vehicle transporter dependable and safe?

There are some questions to ask when arranging and contacting a reliable car transport service before signing a contract.

1.  Confirm your preferred mode of transport either auto transport, rail or export shipping.  When selecting an auto transport company prepare your time frame of pickup and delivery availability, weather conditions, and budget.

2.  There are two options when transporting a vehicle, open or enclosed trailers.  An open trailer can haul multiple vehicles during transport. These vehicles are visible on the trailer and strapped down for safety and security.  There are more available open trailers for transport and the cheapest way to ship a car throughout the United States.
An enclosed trailer can haul multiple vehicles during transport. The cost to ship a car on an enclosed trailer can be the best car shipping available for a luxury, classic, custom or antique vehicle. The enclosed trailer protects your vehicle from outside debris / weather. There is a premium cost when arranging transport on an enclosed trailer. 

3.  Read the reviews on the car transport companies and the recent customer experience.  These reviews can be found on google, yelp and bing.  Are the reviews consistent and easily accessible?

4.  Once you've selected the reliable car carriers, request a free shipping quote online or with a representative.  Ask, if the shipping rate is all inclusive and no additional fees.  Some companies may require an additional fee for extra luggage, inoperable vehicles or preferred shipping.

5.  All auto transport companies are required to insure and register their trucks.  Request a copy of the licensing and insurance information to confirm an active policy.  This information is required in case there is damage to your vehicle while in transit.

6.  There are questions to ask when arranging transport with a carrier - does the company provide the service you requested?  Is the staff or response to your inquiries friendly and quick?  Did you review the insurance policy information along with the terms and conditions?  Is there a cancellation fee?  Does the cost meet your budget?

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