30 Jan

The cool weather temperatures are record breaking throughout the United States and extreme cold can prevent your vehicle from working properly.  Your mode of transportation is a vital part of your daily routine and if your vehicle is not running it can hinder your day.  These are some preventative tips to keep your vehicle moving.

1.  Check and change your battery every 3-5 years including replacing the spark plugs.  Look at the cable wires to make sure they are not loose or worn.  If there is a white powdery substance around the bolts or clamps than your battery can be corroded.

2.  Check your belts and hoses to see if they are worn or rotted out.

3.  Check your fluid levels, so they won't freeze or evaporate during the cold weather.

4.  Changing your oil  is recommended every 3000-5000 miles.

5.  Check your wiper blades and test they are working properly and cleaning your windshield without any scratches or screeching sounds.

6.  Your tire pressure is important to avoid hydroplaning on snow or ice.  Check the tire pressure and treads.

7.  Add a can of HEET to your gas tank to eliminate water from the fuel line and make sure your gas tank is full to prevent evaporation.

8.  Keep an emergency kit, jumper cables, first aid kit, flares battery operated air compressor / radio and blanket / water in your vehicle.

9.  Idling your vehicle for a few minutes and driving until your oil heats up is recommended to avoid diluting the oil and increased engine wear.

10.  Check your heating vents and controls to ensure they are working.

11. WD-40 can prevent the locks from freezing and de-icer.

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