09 Mar

The coordination of transporting your vehicle can be time consuming  when selecting a reliable auto transport company.  These tips will guide you to prepare your vehicle prior to pickup.

1.  Wash Your Vehicle  - The snow and dirt can hide any scratches, dings or dents on your vehicle.  A thorough wash can provide a clear view of the imperfections on your vehicle.

2.  Take Photographs of your vehicle - Take multiple pictures of your vehicle and retain these photos for proof of any damage to your vehicle after delivery.

3.  Remove personal items from your vehicle - In order to prevent theft or loss of your personal item(s), these items should be removed from your vehicle.  The drivers may stop at rest areas, hotel or gas station overnight and theft can occur in these ares.

4.  Disable the alarm - The vehicle alarm can be triggered at any time and become distracting to the driver or other people on the road.

5.  Check the fluids for leaks - Leaking fluids can be hazardous and dangerous for the driver, any leak can cause damage to another vehicle.

6.  Check your tire pressure - If the tire pressure is under inflated, this can cause damage to your tire / rim and over inflated tires can bubble and cause damage.  The driver secures your vehicle with chains or straps on each tire.

7. Remove custom accessories - The customized accessories can be damaged when loading or unloading your vehicle and removing these items can prevent any scrapes, cracks or dents.

8.  Don't fill up on gas - The drivers need a minimal amount of gas to load and unload your vehicle, additional weight can add risk to the shipment.

9. Additional set of keys - When transporting your vehicle, your keys will be provided to the driver, therefore having a spare set of keys can prevent any issues.

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