15 Jan

Most people depend on their vehicle for reliable transportation but if these vehicle are not properly maintained for driving than there could be mechanical or safety issues.  The following steps are recommended to ensure your vehicle is prepared for winter driving.

1.  Check the tread and air in your tires.  Low treads, can affect the car's ability to brake quickly & efficiently.  The low air in your tires can cause a blow out.

2.  Check the fluids in your vehicle and be sure they are at the right level, which includes your engine oil, windshield wipers, transmission.  The low levels can cause damage to your vehicles engine.  If necessary, have your service specialist change your fluids.

3.  Make sure your heating system, lighting and mechanical functions are working properly.

4.  Keep an emergency bag in your vehicle such as a flashlight, medical supplies, water, jumper cables, flares, radio, blanket.

5.  Check your fuel level.

6.  Bring cat litter incase your vehicle is stuck in a pile of snow.

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