27 Nov

Are you prepared if your vehicle is damaged when transporting? No carrier / driver wants to see damage on a truck when shipping a car but mistakes do happen along with mechanical malfunctions, it's no different than a car accident. When your transport has been scheduled, prior to pick up, be sure to take pictures of all sides of your vehicle, front, back including the odometer reading. Do not include any personal belongings or valuables in your vehicle, as these items can be lost or stolen from rest areas / hotels or truck stops. When your vehicle has been delivered inspect all areas for any damage, scratches or dents, do not sign the inspection report until you inspected your vehicle. Notify the driver of any issues and note them on the inspection report and request a copy for your records. Photograph the damage(s) of your vehicle. Contact the transport company and provide details and pictures of the damage. If the carrier does not take responsibility for the damage than file a claim with their insurance company.

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