16 Feb

As the transportation industry catches up with technology, most drivers and carriers will be required to use ELOG (Electronic Logging Devices) to replace the paper log or logging software and record of duty status.  The roll out will be mandatory by 12/16/2019.  There are exemptions for drivers using paper logs no more than 8 days during any 30 day period, driveaway or towaway drivers and drivers of vehicles manufactured before model year 2000.

The benefits of using the (ELOG) is to make it convenient to keep driver logs, eliminating mistakes, reducing paper / forms and tracking error.  The usage will reduce fatigue and scheduling issues along with managing safety for everyone on the road.

Did the transportation industry work out all of the kinks to eliminate these issues, such as availability of parking at truck stops when a driver has exceeded their limit of hours?  Will there be more  rest areas available for these large trucks? What about the livestock, are these animals safe for the extended period of time.  Will the freight / loads become back haul due to the tracking and will the customers become more impatience with the delivery times?

Will the drivers become adaptable to the tracking device as their pay will be affected and longer time away from home?

Safety is our first priority, but the new process will need to be addressed to the public so there is an understanding in the delay of their deliveries.

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