15 Jul

As we move forward during the COVID19 pandemic and head back to work and use our vehicles, aside from our homes we also need to continue to disinfect and sanitize our vehicles.  Wipe down surfaces such as door handles, knobs, steering wheel and buttons.  Keep sanitizing wipes and disinfecting cleaner / spray in your vehicle along with additional masks / gloves for passengers.

If you have car seats in the vehicle, the hard surfaces and seat belts should be cleaned and vacuum the seats.  There are some cleaning solutions which should not be used on surfaces or fabrics when cleaning / sanitizing your vehicle, including bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or harsh / abrasive cleaners.

Refer to your user manual for cleaning suggestions and continue to use precautions on cleaning solutions / surfaces to clean or wipe. Continue to maintain your vehicle cleaning on a daily or weekly basis to ensure a lesser risk of germs.

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