12 Jul

Members of law enforcement will be on roadways this week keeping an eye out for commercial motor vehicle drivers and passenger vehicle drivers who are driving dangerously. Examples of dangerous driving behaviors include speeding, driving while using a mobile device, driving aggressively, cutting off other drivers, following too closely, etc. Drivers identified by law enforcement officers for engaging in unsafe driving behaviors will be issued a warning or citation. The goals of Operation Safe Driver Week are to:

  • Alter drivers’ unsafe driving behaviors by having a high-visibility law enforcement presence on our roadways.
  • Change bad driving habits long term through interactions with law enforcement.
  • Provide commercial motor vehicle driver education and awareness programs to the motor carrier population.
  • Reduce the number of crashes on our roadways.

Law enforcement jurisdictions will be tracking commercial motor vehicle driver and passenger vehicle driver interactions during Operation Safe Driver Week and will submit that data to Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The results from this week will be released this fall. 

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