20 Mar

Whether your transporting your motorcycle with an auto transport company or on your own trailer, these tips can help prevents any incidents while driving on the road.

1.  When loading the motorcycle onto the trailer, a level ground is suggested to avoid accidents with the bike tipping / falling onto a person or the ground.  There are trailers available with a lift gate or loading ramps to safely unload and load your motorcycle.  These ramps are designed for maximum weight allowable.

2.  Secure the ramp onto the trailer either with a hook or ratchet strap to avoid the ramp from moving or falling.

3.  Change the gear into neutral to easily maneuver and roll the bike onto the ramp.  If the bike is too heavy or rolls back, use the brake to stop the bike.  Do not push or stand behind the bike when loading onto the ramp.

4.  Once the motorcycle is loaded into the trailer, secure the bike from rolling or moving, by strapping and tightening each wheel with ratchet straps to the floor of the bed.  There are hooks located on the bed of the trailer.  Additional straps should be used on each handle bar and secured to the hooks.

5.  Test the movement of the bike, if it's loose than the straps are not firmly tightened.  Once the bike is secure release the gear from neutral to first gear to avoid the bike from shifting or moving.

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