07 Aug

Before the internet, purchasing a vehicle online was not an option.  The auto dealerships have expanded to listing available vehicles online, but are the benefits the same when shopping around online and can you negotiate pricing?  While shopping online the vehicle selection is limitless and your range of location has been extended, but there are options to transport your vehicle out of state.

What is the difference in cost - while you can drive to different dealerships and meet multiple sales people the process can be time consuming and frustrating because you are limited to your surrounding area.  Whereas, shopping online your chatting online or over the phone with your salesman, but your options are available throughout the country.

What is the turn around time - when purchasing a vehicle directly at the dealership you can drive your vehicle home the same day, depending on your negotiation the online can take longer for approval and processing.  If your vehicle is purchased out of state the additional cost and time to arrange transportation can delay the delivery of your vehicle.

Are the financial options the same  - the purchase of a vehicle online can be arranged with a private party which offers lending directly with the seller and dealerships can offer financing options for individuals with bad credit.

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