13 Aug

Your teenager is heading off to college and you're deciding if they should drive or transport their vehicle.  There are pros and cons on driving vs transporting including the financial decision of additional expenses incurred between flying and transporting.  Here are tips on preparing your teen for driving.

1.  Participate in a safe driving course - These courses can be taken online or in person check with your local motor vehicle department for a list of approved safety courses.  Once you receive a certification of completion a copy can be provided to your insurance company for discounted rates.

2.  Limit Cell Phone Usage - Although our cell phones can be utilized as GPS devices it's suggested to use hands free to avoid distractions while driving.  A location search can be activated on your teenagers phone for current updates.

3.  Track The Weather - Sometimes an unexpected rain or snow storm can be difficult when driving and there are dangers.  Be sure to map out your teen's driving route to ensure safety along with the weather forecast to avoid upcoming storms.

4.  Monitor Speed - The speed limits vary in each state and can be dangerous in unknown territories be sure to check the speed limit by installing a monitoring device which can be provided by your insurance company to avoid fatalities.

5.  Practice Safety Signs - Some signs can be confusing or not recognized when traveling to other states, it suggested to provide pictures of different safety signs to acknowledge these notifications while driving.

6.  Encourage good grades - Keeping good grades can provide self confidence for your teenager and rate discounts with insurance companies.

7.  Practice Safe Driving - Provide a driving test with your teenager to ensure they are aware of the safe driving practice by keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.  Be sure your teenager is wearing a seat belt at all times and take note of any concerns and review.

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