29 Mar

In the new age of technology, we are always on the go and communicating with each other on our phone, ipad, laptop or blackberry.  Although there is nothing wrong with keeping up with our communication by reading and responding, we have to be diligent on how and where we are interacting.  There are consequences when we become irresponsible and not realizing the danger we are contributing to others around us.

1.  There have been studies proven when walking and texting can be dangerous to ourselves and others.  For example if we are not paying to attention to where we are walking because are are so focused on the conversation, listening to music or reading an article we can walk ourselves into traffic, fall into an open basement or run into someone or something not realizing we've veered off our pathway. 

2.  When we receive a text or phone call and feel the urge to answer while driving, we become so involved in our conversation or thoughts while reading or responding to a text message we don't realize the amount of time taken away from our focus on driving.  

3.  If we are looking down or away from the road, it can take seconds for our vehicle to either steer into another lane or onto the sidewalk.  The traffic may have slowed down or stopped and our reaction time has been slowed to stop in a short period of time.

We all have a responsibility to others on the road to be aware of our surroundings while driving as we our putting others at risk if were not careful.

If you take a silent minute to count the passing time, it will give us an idea how long a minute of distracted driving or walking can change a life.

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