22 Jun

You've #purchased a vehicle online, your loved one is off to college or the military, job relocation, moving or heading to a vacation home and now you need to budget your expenses to arrange transport for your vehicle.  How are you going to pay for your car transport?

 There are three forms of #payment - #cash, #certified check or #money order.

 1.  Payment on Pickup (COP).  The full payment will be payable to the driver upon pick up of your vehicle. 

 2.  Pre-Paid Payment.  This option is available to customers who want to pay in full using a credit card, this form of payment requires an additional processing fee for payment.  A signed contract is suggested for the pre-payment method to avoid charge back or fraudulent claims.

 3.  Payment on Delivery (COD).  The full payment will be payable to the driver upon delivery of your vehicle. 

 All methods of payment would include a copy of the signed bill of lading for your record.

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