09 Oct

Locating a good auto transport company takes research and price comparison.
1. Distance / Mileage - The price per mile varies depending on your distance and location of pickup and delivery. The rate is calculated by mileage times the cost per mileage. For example 500 miles X .64cents.
2. Vehicle Make & Model - The length and weight of a vehicle is a factor due to the space on a trailer. Each trailer has a weight and length restriction. If a vehicle is heavier or longer the rate can increase.
3. Open or Enclosed Trailer - The most commonly requested trailer is open, as the rate is economically cheaper. The enclosed trailer is a premium price transporting high end, custom or vintage vehicles.
4. Delivery Date - A customer can request expedited shipping which can include a premium rate.
5. Supply and Demand - Depending on the higher request to transport a vehicle during a season can increase the pricing, each route is calculated differently, as the pricing for a round trip request are not the same cost each way.

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