15 Jan

The difference between an auto transport broker and carrier can be confusing to a customer and always ask "why can't I arrange directly with a carrier?"  The transportation business is the number one industry on delivering goods and services throughout the world.  It is impossible for one company to handle the amount of vehicle transports throughout the United States, therefore a broker is available to arrange and coordinate directly with a carrier.  The majority of carriers are owned and operated individually with a handful of drivers.  These drivers are focused on transporting vehicles and do not have the resources to coordinate directly with a customer. Some brokers are experienced carriers and may have trucks available, but not necessarily in the pickup or delivery location a customer is requesting.  All brokers and carriers require a license and insurance approved by fmcsa.dot.gov, which is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - United States Department of Transportation.  All brokers and carriers use the same database called Central Dispatch to communicate on coordinating the transportation of a vehicle.  This database is used throughout the United States by auto transportation brokers, carriers, and car dealerships.   Brokers are paid by commission and carriers are paid directly from the customer.

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