What is the term snow bird? A northerner who moves to a warmer southern state in the winter. As the temperatures fall and you're looking to transport your vehicle to warmer weather, the demand for carrier will increase including rates.

1.  Contact auto transport carriers direct for a quote on shipping your vehicle prior to peak season.

2.  Verify the carriers insurance certificate by requesting a copy and review the deductible amount, as this is the payment amount, out of pocket required by the carrier before the insurance company can open a claim.

3.  Do not overload your vehicle with personal items, as carriers will not transport these items and can be fined by USDOT for being overweight.  Place your items in the truck, if possible, and keep the trunk locked, as drivers stop at rest areas and hotels when transporting vehicles.

4.  Schedule your pickup and delivery dates ahead of time to ensure your vehicle is available upon arrival, to avoid additional expenses such as car rental(s) or delivery delays.

5.  Inquire the method of payment available for pickup or delivery and request a receipt.

6.  The driver will inspection your vehicle both on pickup and delivery, noting any damage(s), request a copy of the inspection report and retain for records or to file an insurance claim, if necessary.

7.  Take pictures of your vehicle and odometer reading prior to your pickup date.

8.  Review the carrier's terms and conditions before signing a contract.