How To Ship A Car in New Jersey

When you contact Grifo Auto Transport we provide an all-inclusive quote to ship your vehicle. The cost to ship your car is based on the information received, which includes your pickup and delivery location, automobile year / make & model, and if the vehicle is running or non-running. 

Our transport options include open or enclosed transport. We do not sell or provide any of your information to other companies, and our pricing is competitive. We require absolutely no fee when requesting a quote, or any up-front deposits for arranging transportation of your vehicle until the date of pickup.

Auto Transportation is the shipment of vehicles from one location to another over a period of time. These vehicles can be shipped by ocean, rail and road. The arrangement of an auto transport service can be coordinated with a direct carrier or an auto transport broker. The vehicle can be shipped on an open or enclosed trailer.  
When arranging transport of your vehicle, take pictures of your vehicle including the odometer reading before and after the transportation and if necessary, provide the pictures to the insurance representative / adjuster when reporting an insurance claim, this will confirm and prove any damage(s) to your vehicle when in transit. Request a copy of the carriers insurance COI (Certificate of Insurance) and review the maximum insurance deductible.  The deductible will confirm the responsibility of covered damage to your vehicle, which can be the carrier's responsibility or insurance company, depending on the estimated amount of damage. When a driver picks up and delivers a vehicle, a full inspection report is completed by noting any damage(s), scratches or dents located on the vehicle. The inspection report is also called a BOL (Bill of Lading). If vehicle damage occurs at the time of delivery, be sure to note the damage(s) on the Bill of Lading during the time of inspection. The insurance carrier will request a copy of the Bill of Lading to process your claim.   
Grifo Auto Transport accepts all major debit / credit cards at the time of pickup of your vehicle and the remaining balance is due at the time of delivery (C.O.D.) is accepted in the form of cash, money order or certified check made payable to the carrier. Our payments are accepted online through Paypal and there is a 3% processing fee for full payments.
The car shipping delivery time is calculated by the mileage from pickup to delivery location. The drivers can get delayed due to weather, traffic and road conditions or mechanical issues, we can not guarantee a delivery date. Our company suggests booking your car transport at least 7 days in advance to avoid any auto shipping delays and allow us to schedule our drivers on a timely basis.  Grifo Auto Transport understands our customers need for their vehicle shipment and will make every effort to ensure your automobile is delivered on time. Our dispatcher will provide our customer with an up to date progress on the transit time for the delivery of your auto transport.
We understand you may be not available during the transport process and suggest a friend or relative be present at the time of pick up and / or delivery to provide / receive the car keys along with signing the necessary paperwork requested during the inspection the vehicle.
In order to ensure a smooth transition and provide safety for our drivers, we suggest your vehicle is inspected for loose parts or leaking fluid. Due to weight restrictions and USDOT (United State Department of Transportation) regulations to help lessen the weight of your vehicle the gas tank should have 1/4 tank. If your vehicle is deemed inoperable be sure to notify us at the time of scheduling your pickup so we can allow our drivers ample time to load and assign a trailer with towing equipment available to move the inoperable vehicle. Please remove specialty or custom items and personal items to prevent damage or theft. If you have an electronic tag for tolls, remove this item and store the tag in your glove box to avoid any charges while transporting your vehicle.
Due to Federal Regulations with (FMCSA) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Grifo Auto Transport does not authorize personal belongings in the vehicle nor are these items covered under any insurance carrier, unless the company is authorized to carry household goods license. If items are placed in the vehicle they are soley at your own risk should these items become lost or stolen. All drivers are subject to inspection at anytime by USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) and other traffic authorities.
There are factors when calculating the cost of vehicle shipping such as pickup and delivery location, mileage, vehicle year / make and model, and the peak season of transporting a vehicle in the summer or winter months.  Transportation rates can fluctuate according by  supply and demand.  If the cost to ship a 4 door sedan from NJ - FL cost was high in Sept - January this rate can decrease from June - August. Other factors can affect the cost, such as a non-running vehicle, the request for enclosed trailers charge a higher premium, additional weight due to personal items placed in the vehicle.  Some discounts may be available such as military or teacher / college students, senior citizen, multi-vehicle.  All shipping quotes are free of charge.
An auto carrier, also known as a car hauler transports vehicles from one location to another on an open or enclosed trailer.  A carrier can own one or multiple trucks and must be fully licensed, approved by FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and insured by obtaining general liability and cargo insurance from a reputable insurance company. All drivers are required to carry a CDL (Commercial Drivers License), if any combination of vehicles with a GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) exceeds 26,001 lbs.  A driver must abide by USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) rules and regulations.  Any driver requiring unrestricted access to secure areas of the port facilities must provide an approved TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Card).  These carriers are independently owned drivers who haul sub-contracted work from other companies.
An open trailer can hold between (1) and (10) vehicles during transport.  These vehicles are driven onto the trailer and strapped down for safety and security.  A tractor or pickup truck is used to pull the open trailers.  There are more open trailers available for transport and the cheapest way to ship a car throughout the United States.  Shipping a car which you use on a daily basis than this is the best shipping method to request.
An enclosed trailer can hold between (1) and (7) vehicles during transport. The cost to ship a car on an enclosed trailer can be the best car shipping available for a luxury, classic, custom or antique vehicle. The enclosed trailer protects your vehicle from outside debris / weather. There is a premium cost when arranging transport on an enclosed trailer.
An auto transport broker specializes in the shipping and transportation of vehicles.  A broker must have an approved licensing (Motor Carrier) authority provided by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration along with a current $75,000 surety bond.  A shipper would contact a broker to arrange vehicle transportation with a licensed and insured carrier.  A broker is registered with a vehicle shipping load board to negotiate shipping prices with carriers.  A broker and carrier are not separate entities as auto transport companies can handle both broker and carrier arrangements.
An operable vehicle must have the ability to be driven forward or reverse on or off a trailer under it's own power.
An inoperable vehicle can not drive, start or roll on or off a trailer without a driver using mechanical equipment such as a winch, forklift or battery cables to jump start a vehicle.
The vehicle condition is important when assigning a driver, as the equipment needed to transport a vehicle is required to load or unload a vehicle onto a trailer.
There are additional costs for an inoperable vehicle due to the drivers time and equipment used to transport these vehicles.
Auto Transportation is the shipment of vehicles from one location to another over a period of time. These vehicles can be shipped by ocean, rail and road. The arrangement of an auto transport service can be coordinated with a direct carrier or an auto transport broker. The vehicle can be shipped on an open or enclosed trailer.